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पूर्ण क्रांति लेन के लिए युवाओं से अहवाह्न
When the participation of 60 to 80% of youth in the capital of a country, will not be there, till then neither power nor system will change. We respect from our heart, the elderly people who have done a lot of service to the nation with authenticity since a very long time. But now politics has been taken over or seized by 60% to 80% people of the past, out of which most of them are working as criminals and even if out of them if there are some who are good and honest, they actually got tired or had been betrayed many times, and had been duped, hence we cannot expect very big and quantum change from them that is why this change will happen by youth only. And we resolve and have been committed that we will give leadership opportunities to 60% to 80% youth in the big change that is going to come.Revolution by Lord Ram, Lord Krishna,Acharya Chanakya, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Bhagat Singh and others, was made possible because they are were youth.And the dream of change of Lord Ram, Lord Krishna and Acharya Chanakya had happened because they have done work themselves and handled the command themselves. From 1875 to 1947 and 65 years after independence, youth have actually done the work and the elder people had handled the command, that is why we could not see the change that was expected and country was betrayed.Now we don’t want this betrayal to happen. The elderly people in the Social and political leadership of country should think as what they have done for their country and youth of the country and if what that has not happened till now then what could be expected in future from them. The Basis of Future is only two things, one is Past and second is present. Past is the foundation-stone and Present is the formation time and future is its result. Hence whatever had happened till now, in that,where Lord Ram, Lord Krishna and Acharya Chanakya became successful , there from 1857 to 2013, the country was only betrayed. Betrayal has happened with our country and its youth. Hence now youth needs to do work and lead also means youth needs to work by themselves and handle the command also, then only the full change will occur, the power will change and system will also get changed. Maximum social and political organizations had used the youth of the country, hence we invite youth from all the organizations and the trusts/set-ups and organizations of all caste, creed and religion, to come forward for this formation work of the country and perform a big role. Now we do this resolve also that 60% to 80% youth only will take leadership in this fight for change and nation will get guidance of those approx 20% elderly people who have done work for nation with authenticity, to join Yuva Bharat Sangathan or Bharat Swabhiman then please contact us.

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