IIT Student Cured from Cancer by Yoga (Baba Ramdev,Patanjali Yogpeeth).
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Swamiji :– He has studied in IIT …..IIT KHARAKPUR….Then he got cancer. During the last year of his studies.

Boy :– First, the cancer got developed in pancreas, then it spread to kidneys…..

Swamiji :– First, the cancer got developed in pancreas, then it spread to kidneys…..multiple places

Boy : — Cancer tumour turned 1.5 kgs….haemoglobin was 6.2…

Swamiji : — I did not also know that…tumour was 1.5 kgs.

Boy :– Then, i started doing pranayam for the full day…

Swamiji :– I am surprised!!!! pranayam for the full day!!!!! but, how did u develop the will to do pranayam? Highly educated boys generally tend to be casual. This is his commitment. Full day pranayam!!!

Boy :– I used to see you on TV since 2005.Thought of doing it,but later when i developed cancer, I searched on the internet, is there anything else apart from pranayam, chemotherapy willl only cure it by 2 to 10%, so …

Swamiji : — 2 to 10% assurance for chemo, he read it on the net that pranayam can help. So, full day pranayam? (asking the boy)

Boy : — After lunch, 4 hours of anulom vilom, 4 hours of kapalbharti……

Swamiji : — (Laughing) …I also never thought of that…He is always doing duty nowadays.He leaves pranayam to do seva, but I scolded him. Leave all the work. First, do pranayam, then only you should do seva. Do not leave pranayam. Come on, sit with me and do it now.

Swamiji : — All the cancer patients get up. See this boy. He is like your child.All the old ladies and gents. He is an example for all of us. He cured his cancer, dangerous of 1.5 kg.tumour with 4 hrs.of rigorous pranayam only. So, you should also take a leaf out of him.

Swamiji : — (asking the boy) Did your parents allow you? How many of brothers and sisters are you?

Boy : — Only one. Parents are liberal.One sister got married.

Swamiji : — I have called him personally to show it to everybody about this. He is a man mauji. Going to guru , his parents did not stop him.

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